“To strive against odds on behalf of all of life would be humanity at its most noble”. Ed O Wilson

“Wings of Survival” is a groundbreaking expedition initiated by Dr. Timm Döbert (ecologist and explorer) and Leanna Carriere (extreme endurance athlete). In June 2024, the duo will set out on a self-powered 30,000km expedition, traversing the spine of the Americas through the westernmost migratory bird flyway. Core goals include raising awareness around the biodiversity crisis, advancing environmental science and mobilising action for nature conservation.

Under the banner of the Flyway Heroes initiative, the duo will cycle and packraft from Alaska’s High Arctic to the southernmost tip of Patagonia, emulating the arduous journeys of these remarkable avian ‘athletes’. Throughout this eight-month challenge, they will not only document the struggles of migratory birds in an increasingly human-dominated world, but they will also track the human physiological and psychological responses to such an extreme endurance undertaking.

By uniquely blending human adventure, citizen science and athletic performance, they hope to portray the wonder of bird migration and the critical relationship between migratory birds and ecosystem health. “Healthy planet, healthy humans”.